Eat whatever you want and LOSE WEIGHT!

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Ok, not exactly... But I got your attention, didn't I?! It seems everyone knows that person who seems to eat anything and everything and still have a physique to covet. Well, that's not me and judging by the growing obesity rate it's not 60% of Americans (a very modest number) as well. So, how CAN you eat more and still reach the health and aesthetic goals you desire? The key lies in your METABOLISM. Ok. Now for the REAL question: How can I have a faster metabolism? What is metabolism? It's the SPEED THAT YOUR BODY BURNS THROUGH THE FOOD YOU EAT. WHY would I want a faster metabolism? •You get sick less. •Recover from exercise or injury much faster. •Will find yourself eating constantly without fat gain. •Your bowels will be so clean, practically everything you consume goes straight through you within 4-8 hrs. •Your energy level will be so high - you will may even find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, wanting to finish up uncompleted tasks. •Increased sexual appetite. •The part I truly love is that I can eat whatever I want all hours of the day, simply because I am burning calories and body fat, even while asleep.

...the list goes on. What factors control my metabolic rate: Some factors you can control and others you can't. We will address both in some detail. Let's get the bad news out if the way.... These things you are stuck with and are out of your control: 1. Genetics: Some individuals have a very inefficient metabolism and simply use more energy (calories) to stay alive than others. Their bodies are pre-programmed to use lots of energy for every bodily process. 2. Age: Children and growing teens have a high metabolic rate as they are needing foods and calories to fuel growth. Other than that, typical age related metabolic slow down is due mostly to lower physical activity, muscle loss and lower caloric intake. All of which ARE in our control. 3. Gender: The basal metabolic rate (BMR) averages 5 to 10 percent lower in women than in men. Yeah, ladies it's not fair and I'll never forgive my husband either. Now, for the GOOD NEWS: There are some things that you CAN control and CHANGE to light your metabolic fire & keep it burning! 1. Body composition: The amount of muscle, fat, water, etc in your body. Fat tissue has a lower metabolic activity than muscle tissue. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body consumes to sustain life... Even sleeping! You want to lift weights to build that metabolically active tissue. Boys aren't shy around heavy things and girls should take notes. Any woman who has made an effort to gain muscle in any body part while being lean can attest that it's HARD to accomplish. So don't fear "getting big" lovely ladies, we simply are not genetically made that way. 2. Daily Activity: Frequency, intensity & duration of your activities. How much you MOVE each day.
Frequency: move OFTEN.
Intensity: move fast and lift heavy.
Duration: your metabolism is raised for the duration of movement. Walking, running, lifting weights, standing, just moving for longer durations results in a faster metabolic rate as the activity is performed. 3. Thyroid health: The thyroid gland determines your calorie burn since it runs the body's temperature. A calorie is a measure of HEAT, therefore the hotter the body is running, the more calories it's burning.
Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid is running slowly and thus the metabolism.
Thyroid medication works to optimize thyroid function. I have hypothyroid and am able to get lean enough to compete in physique shows successfully at high level. So, if you suffer thyroid problems don't think it's stopping you from achieving your best either. 4. Body size: Metabolic rate increases as weight, height, and surface area increase. Although you can't make yourself taller, This is when having more muscle is highly beneficial for women looking to be tight & TINY and men looking to be athletic looking with muscle definition. 5. TEF (Thermic Effect of Food). Digesting food increases metabolic rate. The influencing factors are calorie input and type of foods consumed. Caloric restriction (dieting) lowers metabolic rate. To lose weight and fat you must cut your calories but you must do it slowly to avoid a rapid metabolic adaption and select the types of foods that maximize the thermic effect (fat loss). Protein and complex carbohydrate digestion costs your body 30% of the calories in that food just to process it. That's a HUGE calorie burn over time just to EAT. For every 2.000 calories of protein and complex carb you consume, 600 of those calories are burned during digestion. Fat only costs your body 5% of it's calories during digestion and has a low thermic effect. Consuming a diet with a higher ratio of fat doesn't speed the metabolism as effectively as lean proteins and complex carbs will.

So, now you know how to set your metabolism on fire you have control over your health and physique goals. Implementing these solid, scientifically proven facts in your lifestyle to work FOR you instead of against you will allow you to enjoy the fruits of a quick metabolic rate for your lifetime. Anyone can lower their risk of metabolic disease, heart attack, have a leaner, shapelier, sleeker body by optimizing their metabolic rate. But EVERYONE wants to eat whatever they want and lose weight. Well, not exactly. But you can start living the high metabolism lifestyle. Start TODAY! "To reach the upper limits of PERFORMANCE and BODY CHANGE exercise is 100% important and nutrition is 100% important. Commit".



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