How to become an official distributor?

Thank you so much for taking us into account for your distribution portfolio.

These are the key requests in order to be an official distributor:

1 - it is important that you have knowledge and great understanding of digital marketing strategies.

2 - You must create an official website of the brand that meets our standards and it’s important to handle eCommerce efficiently.

3 - You must have a large range of distribution at a national level.

4 - You must reach a minimum of purchase per year that will be stipulated at the time of closing of the agreement.

5 - It’s important to us that you give personalized attention to the brand is therefore not ideal to handle many brands of the same line. We grant an official distribution by country, there is only one distributor of the brand and thus we expect a certain level of reciprocity.

6 - You need you have experience in the supplementation and distribution industry, it’s an important and determining factor.

If you meet the requirements to be a distributor you can write an email to sales@saschafitness. com


You're not interested in being an official distributor, but you have a store and you’d like to sell our products?


Write an email to share us your location and information with so we can contact you.